Verizon Phone Discount For Active Military and Retired Veterans / The Good Telephone Discount

A penny saved is a penny earned. – Benjamin Franklin

Here’s a way to save some money!

Yesterday I was on hold with Verizon, waiting to speak to a customer service representative. I had all but tuned out to the recorded blah, blah, blah phone message, when “military discount” caught my attention.

When the representative got on the line, I asked her what the discount was, and if it applied to retired veterans, as well. Happily, it did.

A 15% discount is now being offered on your monthly bill for all active military and retired veterans of the US Armed Forces. You simply need to bring your Military ID and a DD214 (Discharge Paper) to any Verizon corporate store to receive it. (The military discharge needs to be “Honorable.”) The discount may not apply to your entire phone bill. However, I say that any discount is a great discount!

I do want to point out that not all Verizon stores are actually Verizon corporate, stores. And, you can only get this discount if you go to a corporate store.

This reminds me about a second important tip I would like to pass on.

Verizon stores can be either corporate stores, or authorized Verizon retailers. And, yes, there is a difference. One years back, before our big downsizing move, our daughter lost her phone.She was hours away, by car, and was working on a starving grad student’s budget. She found a Verizon store, and as a gift, I purchased her phone for her. It was one of those new phones that cooks meals for you, runs your errands, and … well not exactly. But at the price, it should have done these things. I had them put the cost on my Verizon bill, spread out over monthly payments. All was well.

However, I have since had to visit a Verizon store for my own phone problem. While there, I found out something I did not know, and perhaps you do not know either. When you purchase a phone at a Verizon corporate store, the prices for the phones can be a lot lower – and I mean A LOT lower – than if purchased from an authorized dealer. To the consumer, it can be difficult or impossible to tell which you are in, once inside. The best way to be sure, is to simply ask a salesperson if you are in a corporate store – or an authorized dealer or retailer. (The Verizon Wireless sign will not have any other information or name on it.) They both have complete access to your Verizon account, so it is easy to make costly assumptions.

I hope this information helps you to save some money!



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