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Positive Thinking: Not Just for Rocky Anymore / The Good Thoughts

rocky the stuffed white tiger

A positive thinking winner!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

  – Henry Ford


This is Rocky. He has a survival story of his own to tell.

When our daughter Liane was 9 years old, our family took a trip to Cape Cod. It quickly became one of our favorite vacation spots. Rainy days there was even a game arcade that kept us all entertained, and dry. On one such visit, Liane won a stuffed white tiger from one of those infuriating machines that takes all your change before it throws a paltry stuffed animal your way. Of course, the tiger came home with us and spent several uneventful years in Liane’s room.

One day, Liane and I decided to weed through her overflowing collection of stuffed animals. Clearly, the black-striped white tiger had to go. He wasn’t particularly attractive, huggable, or lovable in any way. Into the black plastic garbage bag he went.

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