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Downsizing: Let The Apartment Renter Beware – The Bad Rental Agent

picture of nuclear cooling towere steam above trees

Now you don’t see it…

When I was a young kid growing up in New York, my family and I went on an outing to tour a recently-opened nuclear power plant. I believe it was the Indian Point Energy Center, but I’m not sure. In short, I was not brought up to fear nuclear energy.

Flash forward to this past summer, 2016.

Bob and I were spending days at a time scouring the Philadelphia suburbs to find an apartment to move to. Our daughter, who is here in grad school, said it would be nice to have us nearby. We were downsizing, and thought it would be lovely to take her up on her invitation.

We made several extended visits to our daughter so we could find the best apartment for us and our two dogs. We found one enticing listing located about 45 minutes away – if taking the back roads. We thought it was probably further away than we wanted, but we put it on our list of “apartments to visit” anyway.

Skippy: The Dog We Hate To Love / The Furry

A schnauzer suspect picture

Skippy sort of looks like this guy

The dogs with the loudest bark are the ones that are most afraid.

– Norman Reedus


Bob and I are learning that part of apartment living is getting to know your neighbors … well sort of. We have been here for several months and know some people by sight, and have learned a name or two along the way. But we have met several dogs.

One of them is Skippy.

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