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“If everything else fails, read the instructions.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Sometimes instructions aren’t a good thing. For example, if you are purchasing a lovely piece of furniture, do you really want it to come with instructions? This means that when you get it home you will need to unpack the box, find the instructions, and hope against hope that you can follow them. Usually it all works out…and a mere three hours later you will have your lovely new bookcase.

Of course, by this time you have become so grumpy that your significant other has decided that she doesn’t really want to move in with you after all. Or, at least, delay it for a while. And, oh, perhaps she has learned that not all men are as handy around the house as her daddy is.

Yes, sometimes it’s a bad sign when things come with instructions.

Other times, instructions are quite helpful. For example, there you are in the shopping mall enjoying a much-needed outing with your spouse and your two-year-old daughter. All is well until your daughter suddenly decides to throw herself on the floor and throw the loudest temper tantrum of the century. It’s amazing how those mall halls do echo. The looks of other mall patron’s may scar you for life as they silently confirm, “You are the worst parent ever.” What are you to do then as you desperately try to become invisible? Think of how helpful it would be for a kind stranger to approach you and offer some encouraging words such as, “Don’t worry. My John always threw temper tantrums. And now he’s completing his PhD in theoretical physics at MIT. Ignore everyone…they’re just mean-spirited… and don’t think that their children haven’t done the exact same thing.”

Yes, instructions can be helpful at times. But life doesn’t come with instructions. Happily, our blog does.

Of course, our instructions are simply our life lessons learned. We hope they will be helpful to some of our readers who may be experiencing similar circumstances. We always welcome your comments.

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