Are Your Medicine Costs Making You Sick? We have a cure.

Here’s how you can save money on prescription medicines.

About ten years back, I was buying a newly-prescribed inhaler for asthma. It was quite expensive, and I thought there surely had been a problem with my pharmacy insurance claim. But, I checked with my insurance company and there wasn’t a mistake. It was simply an expensive medicine.


The next time I went to the drug store to have the prescription filled, I mentioned to the pharmacy clerk how expensive I thought the medicine was. I was shocked to hear that I could get a coupon from the manufacturer for a free inhaler. A free inhaler? I had never heard of coupons for medicine. I never did follow up on the offer. It somehow seemed strange to me.

Coupons for cookies? Yes. Coupons for detergents? Yes. Coupons for medicines? There had to be a catch…so I passed on the idea.

I thought…”Would my name end up on a drug company’s database?” “Would my private medical information be spread all over the internet?” Something just didn’t seem right.

Years later, I was purchasing a much needed medicine for my daughter. It was quite expensive; it cost us $150/month or $375 for a three month supply, after insurance. Dropping $375 at the drug store was not fun … in fact, it was becoming quite painful. I decided to do some research online, not expecting much in results.  Happily, I found a manufacturers’ coupon that brought the copay down to $25/month for the entire year of 2015! Surely there had to be a catch. But, there wasn’t. So we signed up for the coupon and saved a lot of cash that year.

Let’s see. With the newly-found coupon, a year’s worth of medicine cost $300 instead of $1,500. A savings of $1,200. Not too shabby.

Now I always check for a manufacturer’s coupons when I need to buy a brand name drug.

Check this out …

I had recently been prescribed Restasis® for dry eye. It was great, and completely cleared up my dry eye problem. But the medicine was expensive, costing me over $100/month after my insurance paid the rest. I stopped using the Restasis®, and purchased several over-the-counter artificial tear solutions. I thought they could easily keep my dry eye problem under control. But they didn’t. I knew I would have to go back to using Restasis®, or some other new, equally-expensive dry eye treatment. You can imagine how happy I was to recently find a coupon on the manufacturers’ website which brought my copay down to $25!

Where To Find Manufacturer’s Coupons

Manufacturer’s coupons can be found on the drug manufacturer’s company website. Simply search for the official website of the medicine manufacturer. Then look for “coupons” or “savings offers” on the menu.

You usually simply have to answer a few easy questions, and can then print out your personalized coupon — which you will need to present to your pharmacy each time you are purchasing the medication. (My pharmacy said they would keep the coupon on file, but they didn’t. Be sure that the offer is activated and that they are applying it correctly – every time.)

Some coupons even allow you to get the brand name medicine for less than you would pay for its generic equivalent!

Most manufacturers’ coupons cannot be used with Medicare or other government programs. And do not confuse manufacturer’s coupons with other drug coupons which will not work with insurance.

Drug company offerings will vary from time to time. An offer that is good in 2016 may not extend to 2017. But always check for new offers.

Drug companies may offer a new coupon when there is a new, competitive brand on the market. Or when a generic equivalent has recently been approved. Sometimes a medicine is new, and they want consumers to be motivated to try the medicine. Drug companies trying to influence consumer demand is a long-standing controversial topic. However, I know that I truly appreciate them when they apply to my needs or a member of my family.

There are many articles and opinion pieces written about these manufacturers coupons because they tend to influence the health care industry in various ways. But as a consumer who is working with a limited budget, as most of us are, finding a medicine coupon worth hundreds of dollars is not something to be sneezed at.

Why Not Pass The Good News On To A Friend?

I hope this information saves you some of your hard-earned money the next time you go to the drug store. Please share this positing with friends. If they are not aware of the drug cost savings possible, they will truly appreciate the news!

What will you do with your extra cash each month?



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