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“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

– Robert Frost


Years ago we were thirty-something boomers riding the 80’s wave of prosperity.

Today we are sixty-something downsized individuals, married 30 years, and hanging on during our wild ride of a different kind.

We invite you to take this crazy life journey with us. Sometimes it will be sad, many times funny or heartwarming, and other times just plain infuriating. But whatever is going on, having you along for the ride will be fun. And we hope to even help some others along the way.


Bob is a retired Army Major and Green Beret who is now active in Veterans Affairs. His employer forced him into early retirement at age 58, after a mere 21 years of devoted service as a Vice President, and IT specialist. Thus began our chaotic downsizing adventure.


I am a Gemini, which might explain my unconventional career path which included public relations, IT, real estate sales, website development, and freelance writing. And of course, I can’t omit my most cherished job as Mama Bear to our twenty-something daughter, Liane.


Liane is currently in her second year of grad school, working toward her master’s degree in counseling. She was diagnosed with type II Bipolar Disorder at thirteen. This was shocking at the time — no one in either of our families had this diagnosis. Had we listened to the naysayers in her middle and high schools, we just would have given up. Many teaches encouraged us to discard the hope of her ever going to college. (It did not seem to matter that she had scored third highest on the IQ test that was given to her entire grade that year.) So much to say here, especially to parents and to other’s bravely living with this diagnosis! We are meeting so many angels, and devils, along the way.

The Furry:

You may be thinking, “Ok…but where does ‘the furry’ come in?”

Our entire family cherishes pets; we know how important they are for lifting spirits and soothing souls. We live with a senior Hairless Chinese Crested named Blaze, who is now totally blind from cataracts. But he is Bob’s best-ever dog friend. Bryn is our bouncy, shaggy, and might I add non-shedding Goldendoodle. She prefers to lay down on, not at, my feet when I write at the computer. We hope that she can volunteer as a Therapy Dog at local hospitals, as she, let’s say, “matures.” (Yes, that is code for her cutting back on her jumping, kissing, and otherwise going crazy when she greets others.)

We have lots to share, and welcome your comments and questions. We look forward to getting to know you, our valued readers, and perhaps helping you out on your own wild ride of life! Topics that we are passionate about include:

  • The Downsizing Ride
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Pets – dogs, cats, birds, and the occasional reptile
  • Bipolar Disorder and Mental Illnesses in general – what they mean, don’t mean, and what they truly are
  • Scams and Unfair Business Practices
  • Writing
  • …and whatever is inspiring/encouraging/irking/ or simply affecting us at the time!

Blogs will be written by either Laura or Bob, with the occasional collaboration or guest poster.

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